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Booking policies & deposits 


When booking with us, you're accepting our booking and cancellation policies and agreeing to our terms and conditions 

We require 3 WORKING days notice for all cancelations

Please remember we are closed Wednesdays & Sundays and Saturdays we close at 2pm.

We do not take the work phone home so we will not see a cancellation until we arrive to work 

If you are unable to give 3 working days notice to your appointment you wish to cancel, a cancellation fee will apply


Upon booking we require a $100 booking bond, this is non refundable under any circumstances and cannot be used on products If you choose to cancel so we ask to please book with the intention of attending 


Our booking bond is a $100 bond that is moved onto your next appointment when rebooked, unless you choose not to rebook on the day of your service that $100 bond will be deducted off your services total. You will require a $100 bond for your next booking if you don’t have one on your file 


If you “no show” to your appointment your $100 booking bond will be fortified along with a % of the total of your appointment value — the same thing applies if you cancel without 3 working days notice 

New clients or non returning existing 

clients within 3 months


If you’re a new client or a client who hasn’t returned within the last 3 months we will require a TEXT consultation to be done, we ask you to please NOT book an appointment Until we have done our text consultation. Replies can be between 1-3 days but we endeavour to always replies as promptly as possible 



We are a little different to most salons with our policies and procedures but it’s because we have the best intentions with your hair—


A few of our policies include but are not limited too:

We will require a detox cleanse to be done to majority of our new clients, this gives the best result and cleanses away any build up that may be on your hair and is highly recommended for the best & safest result 


We will NOT lighten your hair without a detox cleanse if you’ve been using ANY product in your hair found in chemists, super markets and even heavily influenced online brands. This is why a text consultation is a must so that we can make sure we can do your hair on the day as a lot travel far to come to us! 


A detox can be done 1 hour before your appointment and we do discount this service down 

This includes & is not limited too: dry shampoos, hair sprays, gels, volume sprays — YES even if you’ve only used it once or twice 


PACKET DYES or tint/Demi applications- 

we require a test strand and detox before you can make an appointment. These can be very tricky to remove and in most cases is a job we prefer not to do [packet dye]


This also includes if you get your greys covered, or if you alter your natural colour by going darker or altering it in any way 

Consultations / DO I NEED A CONSULT?

Consultations are $100 (non refundable) which gets deducted of your service total when you book, however if you choose NOT to book that $100 goes towards our time spent with you in salon


A consult is a very  important part of your service as it allows us to do a test strand

to ensure your colour service can be performed without causing any breakage.

We will not start the colour correction process without a consult + test strand appointment
if your'e unsure please contact us and we will let you know


Please park in suitable time frame spots near salon, preferably in a location that you will not have to move your car during your appointment. 

We do recommend parking in the car park out the front as inspectors rarely come past. 

Please allow time for parking and traffic if you're late it will result in your appointment time being cut short.


Coming early to your appointment is appreciated as running late can cause a domino effect. 

New clients will need to fill out a consultation form and this can take a few minutes.


Unfortunately people do run late every now and then,

if this does happen to you, please make sure you contact us ASAP on 97814448

please do not text our salon number as we may not see it in time.

We will do all I can to complete your service in the time remaining of your appointment and will ensure it is still to the best of my ability. 

We will not be able to add any extra time onto your appointment, as we  have other clients booked after you.

 This means we may not be able to guarantee your full service within time.


Please allow 3.5 hours for a full colour service 

for colour corrections please allow 4/5++ hours

Toner refresh appointments 1hour


1. Discontinue any low quality products you may use on your hair,

if you have been using store bought products please make sure to book in for a detox cleanse

2.Please wash hair 2 days before appointment.

3. Coming to appointment with clean, brushed neat hair is  recommended (unless you're getting a detox or toner dirty hair is fine)

4 .Inform stylist before your service if you are pregnant/breastfeeding

or any medical conditions and allergies that may interfere with your hair service. 


As much as we wish you could bring along a friend to your appointment, unfortunately due to our insurance we will only be able to have you (the client) attend your appointment.

Immediate family members are an exception however please try keep this to a minimum of 1 extra person. We do understand that some of your travel via public transport and bringing a friend to keep you company is understood please call us before your appointment so we can arrange extra space for you.

If you are a mother please contact us about bringing your children along to your appointment as this is something we support and would be able to assist with. Please keep in mind for us to be able to do our best work we do need you to be able to stay still and this may be hard with children around.  

Please also keep in mind that you do also deserve to relax and take time out for yourself.

If you have any further questions please:

Call us 97814448 or Text 0403190404

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