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Vector set for high-quality designing. Conteho is a modern postcard vector set. This graphic set is comprised of 2000+ unique vector files, perfect for all kind of design projects like logo, website, banner and many more. Graphic elements are designed to cover every aspect of design. PSD for people of all skill level. You will love this free premium Graphic Bundle, which contains vector files with 2000+ modern designer templates. The Graphic bundle will make your life easier. And save you hours of work on choosing templates. It's the best of both worlds. Cool graphic resources for designers. You can download a free premium Graphic Bundle, which contains 12,000+ vector files and 2000+ psd.psd templates. This graphic bundle contains fresh, unique, modern and modern classic vector graphics. Graphics are perfect for logo design, banners, posters, magazine ads, web graphic designing, etc. Vector Pack contains free premium Vector vector files with 2000+ unique vector graphics. You will love this free premium graphic bundle. DOWNLOAD CONTOH STEMPEL PSD If you love the vector format, not only you can use the graphic elements, also you can make your own vector graphics or logos. Fonts: This Pack includes FREE 140 professionally designed fonts, and FREE 60 vector fonts. DOWNLOAD CONTOH STEMPEL PSD All fonts are in very high quality and compatible with Photoshop CS5. High quality brushes: 3812 unique high-quality brushes. From simple curve, to advanced curve, to linear gradient to combination of gradient, to texture and so on. Combine graphics: You can combine all the templates, to get a better result. DOWNLOAD CONTOH STEMPEL PSD Text effect: The text is using in dark/light mode, or in black/white mode. You can use these effects to make a different style of text. DOWNLOAD CONTOH STEMPEL PSD Stencil & Composite: The composite effects are supported in Photoshop CS5, CS5.5, CS6, CC 2015, CC 2015.4, CC 2017 and CC 2017.1. DOWNLOAD CONTOH STEMPEL PSD The tool has a very easy and fast navigation. DOWNLOAD CONTOH STEMPEL





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